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Authors Note #1 Do cats see color?

Coming soon - Book 4 - The Forgetful Ferret

Book 4, The Forgetful Ferret, is scheduled for release Mid- August 2020. Book 4 Cover Image -June 26-2020

In this book we meet Daisy, the time traveling ferret. Daisy can't remember how to get home. Caitlin wants Daisy to help them go back in time and stop MacDougal, the international terrorist and criminal mastermind. But time travel is dangerous. One wrong move, and they could destroy the fabric of time. Join Caitlin, Rio and their best friends as Daisy takes them time traveling. Will Daisy remember how to get home? Will they be able to travel back in time and stop MacDougal? What could go wrong? Join Caitlin, her extraordinary cat, and their best friends Trudie and Molly in another exciting adventure. 



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