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Announcement: The Forgetful Ferret (Book 4), Adventures of Caitlin & Rio now available

The Forgetful Ferret, Book 4 in the Adventure of Caitlin & Rio is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. 

Book 4 Cover Image -June 26-2020

In this book we meet Daisy, the time traveling ferret. Daisy can't remember how to get home. Rio, Caitlin and her best friends Molly and Trudie join Daisy as she shows them the favorite parts of the time portal - the beach where Daisy has a collection of sparkles. Caitlin has a plan. She wants Daisy to help them travel back in time to stop MacDougal, the international terrorist and criminal mastermind once and for all. But Trudie and then Molly don't want to. Trudie warns Caitlin that time travel is dangerous. One wrong move and you can destroy the fabric of time. Then MacDougal captures Trudie. Now its up to Caitlin, Rio, and Daisy's to rescue her. Along the way they discover pirate treasure, and learn that family and friends are more important than all the treasure in the world. 


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