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Excerpt time - from book 2, The Missing Cats

I chose this excerpt from Book 2, The Missing Cats. 

"Gerrowhowl," the most chilling sound came from Rio. He did not like the lights, nor did he like all the staring people.  

    Mrs. Brewster stopped Caitlin's dad.    

          "He must come out," Mrs. Brewster said. The public and some Very Important People had come to see Rio.

          "Mrs. Brewster," Caitlin's dad said putting the carrier down on the floor, "that is not a good idea."

          Mrs. Brewster was having none of this. She moved deceptively quickly for a woman of her size. She bent down, and pulled the zip along the top. The pet carrier opened. Rio seized his chance. He leapt out of his cat carrier.

          "Rio!" Caitlin cried.

          Rio hissed at the wall of people. He seemed to fly - a blur of bright white fur, leaping up the steps, onto the stage, and up onto the podium. His black tail lashed wildly. He stared out at the waiting people. He seemed to glow under the spotlights. His white whiskers looked extra white against his dark panda face. Cameras clicked and flashed, whirled and peeped.

          The crowd oohed, the crowd ahhed.

          Mayor Bradley was a little surprised at the change in plan. But he was a politician, and prided himself in being able to think on his feet and to read a crowd.

          He grabbed hold of the ribbon and swung the medal at the cat. Rio's blue eyes narrowed to slits. He flattened his ears, opened his mouth and snarled, showing perfectly white, sharp teeth. He rose up on his hind legs, and with a large white paw he batted at the medal swinging on its ribbon.

          The Mayor had good reflexes for a human. He jerked the ribbon, and the medal danced out of Rio's reach.

          Some members of the audience applauded.

          Tail lashing, Rio focused intently on the medal dangling enticingly at the end of the ribbon.

          "I now present Rio, the Cat, this medal for bravery," the Mayor announced as he jerked the ribbon. The medal swung back and forth. Rio tensed ready to spring. 

          Before Mayor Bradley had a chance to place the ribbon over Rio's head, Rio snatched the medal with his sharp teeth, and then leaped off the podium. He disappeared into the green room, the medal gripped in his mouth and the ribbon trailing behind him.

          The crowd cheered. Mrs. Brewster face changed to the same color as her dress.  Mayor Bradley smiled and clapped politely while the cameras rolled.

          "The medal is presented to Rio for bravery, and with our grateful thanks," Mayor Bradley said into the microphone, and at the reporters.

          Caitlin and her dad rushed after Rio. They found him, curled up, with his medal in his cat carrier, waiting to be taken home.

          "What a good cat!" Caitlin's dad said."

I can just picture Rio leaping for his medal.

Rio Medal