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Excerpt Time - The Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys BC image 2 - 4-23-2020
It's time for another excerpt. This time I've chosen an excerpt from Book 3, The Wild Turkeys. 

Tully and the turkeys turned towards Caitlin. They hummed.

"Loyal Caitlin," Tully intoned. The turkeys swelled with song. "There are dark times ahead of you, loyal friend. Be strong and you will be rewarded."

"We are here for you," Crystal sang.

Caitlin frowned. She shivered. She didn't like the turkeys talk about quests and dark times. She winced. Rio, who was still draped across her shoulders had inadvertently dug his claws into her shoulders at Tully's talk of dark times.

"Is the silver water a mirror?" Trudie asked.

 The turkeys stretched out their necks and fluttered their feathers. "The Trudie seeks the truth," they sang.

 Trudie frowned. She wished that the turkeys would provide straight answers. She needed to crack their code.

 The turkeys sang.

 "But why is that bad?" she asked. She didn't understand why a mirror could be bad.

 "The silver water has many states," Tully replied. The other turkeys hummed. "When it is a bridge, the Hero must beware."

 Molly frowned. Whoever heard of a mirror being a bridge?

 "Why?" Rio asked. He had a feeling he knew the answer.

 Tully and the turkeys swayed and sang.

 "He is Destruction. Beware the Hero! Beware of the Silver Water,” Tully intoned.

 "Beware, beware," the other turkeys whispered.

 Caitlin felt a breeze lift her hair. She heard the rustle of leaves. She stroked Rio's soft fur.

 "But why..?" Trudie started to ask. The turkeys' song stilled. The wind sighed. They could hear the cottonwoods creek. Tully and the turkeys vanished. They found themselves hand in hand standing before the open gate.

Through the gate